Hi I'm Danielle :)
I love Jesus, sweet tea, bonfires, music, trucks, and cowboy boots <3
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Got a chance to relax by the pool today :)
Having a great time in OBX with Dalton and his family :)
He makes me happy :)
~ Relaxing ~

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Went fishin with Dalton and his dad at Oregon Inlet today :) four of those I caught!
OBX :)
OBX with my man :)

“I think the hardest thing I am learning in my adult years is that life is messy. Mortals aren’t made of clean lines and certainty. We are clay and best intentions and mistakes and hopes for a better tomorrow. But we are also divine beings with eternal potential and hearts that were made to love and forgive. It is so hard and so damn beautiful all at the same time. I think sometimes, we feel like we have failed because we have gotten ourselves a bit smudged, because we have colored outside the lines, because we are splattered and stained with the reality of living these blessed, hard lives. Hogwash.”


Meg Conley, “Mess Maker”




Glad I got to spend some time with this beautiful girl tonight :)

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